Netflix has acquired the global streaming rights to ‘Seinfeld.’

  In the competition for popular network sitcoms, Netflix has won the global streaming rights to “Seinfeld.” Netflix will offer all 180 episodes of “Seinfeld” in the United States, and to its 151 million members worldwide as part of a five-year contract with Sony Pictures Television, which owns distribution of the classic TV program, the […]

How to Begin with Netflix

Hello and welcome to Netflix! You’ll find some helpful information below to get you started. If an issue isn’t covered here, try looking it up in our Help Center. If you haven’t already done so and want to learn more, go to What exactly is Netflix? Signing in Select Sign In to access your account […]

Netflix’s View: Streaming entertainment is displacing traditional television

  People enjoy movies and television shows, but they dislike the linear television experience, in which channels broadcast programs at specific times on non-portable displays with cumbersome remote controls. Streaming entertainment, which is available on-demand, tailored, and on any screen, displaces linear television. Changes of this scale are quite uncommon. Until linear television took over […]